Why Jaden Yuki did not use the Blazeman effect of getting Polymerization in Tag Duels?

He (Partner Yuki) draws Fusion Material Monsters such as Elemental Hero Stratos 2x using E Hero Call but if summoning Blazeman, he excavates EHero Woodsman instead of drawing a Polymerization, and the result is losing in Tag Duels


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Duel AI is retarded at times.
you don't know? try ask grass in the park.
Yeah, that happens. I run a deck with Blazeman and in autoduels the AI never use the poly searching effect no matter what. At least in my deck there are some Neos and Oversouls, so it usually works.
Because Jaden is a jerk
Chazz would also special summon an Ojama in attack position with its 0 attack points
That's what you might get if you choose to trust in AI. Everything has a trade-off, dude!
bad AI

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