Neos Space Connector

this Card can make neos playable again... summon this Card, use his effect to summon neos from your deck or hand and use wrath of neos and the field is clear lol
Or better, summon this card and i'll bounce it back to your hand
Dual wield
Or ill bounce both
<< Anonymous(Dual wield)
Grand Mole
and i will bounce Shi En to your hand
This card is a she, since this card is a younger Neo Space Pathfinder.
Neo Space Connector
Bounce me back all you want Enishi, but you can't stop me from calling Neos. My pops will take you sams down, cosmic crush style!
Shi En
Who's care? i negate your wrath of neos.
<< Anonymous(Shi En)
yeah but I got 2 wraht of neos in my hand so what you gonna do now? ;)
<< Anonymous
Shi En no.2
I think you forgot me


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at least the kc gives out gems and cards from the quests or i won't even consider trying to kc.
imagine being stupid enough to say all the other decks can be bought once using gems lol.. after ...
I actualy never seen this card but just now in a duel. I totaly gonna need this one.
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