KC Cup: 1st Stage [April 2018]

I reached DVLV USING A HAZY DECK. Tell me one thing, is Hazy flames a "new deck"? Hmm? Is it? Is ice barrier a new deck? Because I'm watching ice barrier users reaching DLv as well, then, then how could you blame konami if you lose against a sylvan deck? It's not err... I mean, there is no absolute coherence about what you say, and it's simply because you can reach DVl with so many older decks. Just faced a Korean Kog player a couple of hours ago, did you know what he was using to counter Sylvans? He was playing as Alexis rhodes with Master of rites 2 as set skill, followed by 2 Hey trunade and 2 Vennu, bird od divinity. How could you say you need expensive decks? I'm pretty tired of your complaining, I'm pretty tired of your lack of madurity and of especially tired about "your special ability" to play the victim role. But you know what? Complainers have well deserved not to be inside kc anymore? Have they even seen the tv show? When a main character loses, he or she says: "It only means I have to practice more"? What are you complainers? Bandith Keith?
Awesome comment!
Man I completely agree with you.
But you have to understand there's some difference between a Korean player and those complaining "fk konami" trolls.
Hazys are cool
Also not very expensive
Yeah complainers will complain.
1 Word. Madurity?
I reached Dlv 19 on the second day using Hazy. But after returning to the Dlv 18 I switched to the Golden Flying Fish. That is, Hazy is still one of the best.
<< Anonymous(RafaelP88)
U work for konami? Why they can't complain? They are players just as we do. Just because you don't like them complaining, they have to stop and listen to your crap? Logically speaking, you are complaining because of people complaining. What's the difference between you and them?
<< Anonymous
Lol complainer op complain about other complainers... Thats so rhyme!
Some losers behave like weevil underwood when they lose lolz...
(Do you work for konami??) Pfff...! What a retard lmao!
<< Anonymous(Your shit. )
Shut up and leave me alone
Hahahahah why you dudes blame konami so much? Just because you losy??? Looool What a sore losers you are... sylvan players are not big deal at all
dlv20 are easier to reach up,
u sounds like it the hardest part to reach that high in kc cup wtf,
people were already gone up early before u know it,
all sylvans most likely.
i'd bet u was against a noobs rank that time yeah?
You do realize that most people in KoG / DLv Max play with uncompetitive decks / deck for fun / troll decks because we can't drop out of these leagues right ?
Playing with ice barrier or whatnot in KoG doesn't mean we climbed to KoG / DLv max with it.
The real decks are in Legend / DLv 18-19, that is Tier 1 decks, not in KoG.
Your argument is sh*t
<< Anonymous
faced sylvan on kog,,,fag
<< Anonymous
it doesn't mean either that EVERYBODY plays troll decks on KoG.
Gosh you must be bad at math and logic
<< Anonymous
Where your "most people in kog" come from? You are presuming things? Your argument is sh*t
Hazys are kickin everyone asses



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