5 Billion Duels Celebration Campaign

Good news: UR dream tickets Bad news: KC gems nerfed again, and this will carry on into the next ones.....or could get nerfed even more
<< Anonymous(Marvel-Disney fan)
I wouldn't mind that if they keep running events during the kc cup, kc cup weeks are a drought in content
<< Anonymous
Please no, I like a rest from events every once in a while, specially after Tag Duel which was full of lag and stupid moves from the AI
<< Anonymous
yeah let us rest :)))


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Cope. I have nothing to do with this conversation.
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
1, 2 at most, you only use the card as filler to complete the 20 cards minimum, the box cards are...
How would you even get that out in an aroma deck?
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