19th Main Box: Warriors Unite

Dank Magician
This deck, no matter how it will be nerfed will always be KOG worthy and is also futureproof especially when the XYZ era comes along, Six Sams thrive in that era and TBH this deck will only be stronger then.
Oh.. You will understand what it is matter

When all the other players buy a new strong deck, and you will try to climb the ladder with your apple core.
And when they add Six sams XYZ monsters, you will have to spend even more money on these monsters to make your deck playable instead of playing anything else
<< Anonymous
Six Sams don't mix well with those LIGHT Machine Unions.
<< Anonymous
What were you thinking?
He's saying about XYZ Summon, not those LIGHT Machine Unions.
<< Anonymous
But that means I was right, though?

XYZ are those LIGHT Machine Unions that works alongside ABC, not Six Sam.
<< Anonymous
No dumbass Xyz is summoning mechanical once Zexal series release
<< Anonymous
I guess, that "exceeds" his knowledge than :-D
<< Anonymous(Xeledur)


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really underrated deck everything in this meta targets sabre dancer has a field day and when not ...
I'm surprised Past Image isn't included in here...
that's not "done dirty", they had to change Yuma's english VA due to a condit...
The best part is that this card is F2P
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