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Unhappy girl debuff?
Maintenance notice says fixed her ability where the monster she has activated her ability on will have the effect removed after flipping the affected cards faced down. So Guardian statues now trumps U.G. next update?
Unlucky at All
Exactly! The unhappy girls deck will not work anymore with Yugi Muto!
When you attack the statue with U girl, the effect will trigger?
Well,the reason why it work the way it did is the programmers did follow the official ruling.Doesn't matter Labyrinth Builder will take it place
<< Anonymous
EDIT:*didn't not did
<< Anonymous
Just add gravity axe will do just fine.



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Then what was soul res.?
What do you expect you only get one Fire Princess.
Can this card counter Level Up from taking effect?
Is there any way to prevent this spell card from taking effect?
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