Post-Banlist Meta Analysis [2018 Oct]

You will get around 3000 gems by creating new account. Spend 1000 gems on the new structure deck, pay a few bucks for another one and you will have 3 copies of Dragon Spirit of White. Then spend the rest of your gems on Stardust Acceleration to get 3 Protector (also Azure and Silver's Cry if you are lucky). Go to rank, win and collect gems, after you get R ticket you should use it to get Ancient Rules
Easy 2 get the "most expensive" deck...
"being FTP is easy, all you gotta do is delete your account and start a new one every time a new tier 1 deck comes out!"
<< Anonymous
You miss the point of playing the game. Enjoyment comes in being able to TRY MANY THINGS, SPENDING A COUPLE OF NIGHTS TO MAKE YOUR ORIGINAL DECK with all the card you have accumulated since Ultimate Rising box up to the present ones. That's the challenge and satisfaction of this game. Create your own formula. Rerolling and those 9999+ gems is for desperate and hollow people.
I'm noticing some kind of pattern here, seems like losers keep calling anyone who wins: "Meta slave", "brain dead copy-paste player", "unoriginal", etc, etc. Well, I think it's ok to play whatever you want to, but you don't have to be such a sore loser and act in such lame way just because you lost in rankeds :/


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Can’t exchange for the non-foil buster gundil, even though I have >200
Does anyone know when Blair will be added to the Gate? Literally missed both events and is one of...
it saddens me to think of the sheer amount of cut and paste heroes and Shiranui decks I'm ab...
I'm having the same problem. I had like 5 duels where this card didnt activate. what's ...
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