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Konami should support E-Heros, Dark Magician and Blue Eyes decks... Not amazoness trass. The reason most ppl are playing this game and not real Yugioh is nostalgia. Whats the point of all protagonist's decks being tier 2 at best?
You realize Amazoness are ALSO an original-series archetype, right? (And have been featured in more anime series than Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician have, too, so quite possibly have more fans due to the GX and Arc-V fans.)
<< Anonymous
First of all they dont have that many funs... And second my problem is not that amazoness got some support but that other decks didnt.
<< Anonymous(Geo)
But they got support in the form of another Mai related card. They’re not going to give Mai Dark Magician support.
"Real Yugioh". As far as I'm concerned, this is real Yugioh instead of the cluster🔥 the OCG/TCG has become.
Yeah I agree. So much Amazoness and Red eyes support but no blue eyes and dark magician support whatsoever. Konami is sleeping


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I have 1 Mahad in my deck and get him in my starting hand, I have never actually used him
dang, too many kiteroids in this stage.
This card gave me @@@
I bet she won't have ace monster in this game because mystic dragon which is her ace in anim...
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