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I have unlocked 18 characters in DM and 6 characters in GX world. I have wing dragon of Ra too
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Yeah I got prismatic Ra and I won it in like 4 turns
Now Ya just need Slifer. Not that hard, it IS Strings we're talking about. I got him at level 20, which is mainly Revival Jams and draw monsters. Just don't let him get 3 monsters Set and you're fine. Level 30 and up, he uses cards that block attacks, so backrow destruction should help get past that.
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I got slider on the first day of the event



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Vyon is limited. And Komoney know full well that people only bought 2 of those structure decks wi...
Cyber style was meant to be used for cyber dragon fusion but it was only used as tribute fodder a...
Goodluck with the new upcoming banlist and skills rebalancing .. abuse them now !!!
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