34th Mini Box: The King of Vermillion

do you guys think the "Shooting star dragon" skill will get nerf?
No chance, the deck is not as strong as Otomat and the skill restrictions make in not splashable, even less splashable than water deck skill.
Agreed with first anon. The skill has a reasonable restriction same as Jack Atlas skill "Demon Resonance".

Already 75% of the extra deck has to be either Junk or Stardust monsters.
Shooting Star Decks can be dealt with. You can stop Shooting Star Dragon by removing him from the field with a non-destruction effect or using Sphere Kuriboh to change his battle position.
<< Anonymous
Jack skill is reasonably OP, the skill doesn't restrict your deck composition and the searched card can still be summoned with it's condition anyway.

10x better than shooting star skill.
<< Anonymous
I mean by how feasible the skill is to play with not sheer power of what it does. Their power overall is similar.


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Which LD
You make way too many assumptions about people. That could leave you d e a d with the wrong person.
Why would anyone say otherwise?
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