King of Game decks [July 2020]

charliebrown how did you reach kog with that?its unbeliveable to be honest.i played the exact same deck with temperance instead of kuriboh but i couldnt reach legend 4 with it or i think not even legend 3.mask of accursed got removed every time basicly.
I'm not charliebrown, but maybe it's because of something called luck
<< Anonymous
even at the end of season this deck would s u ck.i have better.i played for kog 3 times.i played it mid season but in the end season would suc k not gonna test in end season cos it sucked s o hard they removed accursed and the skull invitation burned me to death 99% of time me rather than my opp.i f a smart as s decides to play with one monster and keep attack basicly u burn urself to death
<< Anonymous
if you dont have healing
<< Anonymous(..)
you keep throwing card to grave and u get burned.a mithra is at least advised but rather its better to use the non skull inv version
<< Anonymous
"I'm not charliebrown, but maybe it's because of something called luck" it was pure luck yeah


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Maintaining the status quo I see, why don't you shut down the servers already instead?
This deck is only for new players who can get 3x navigation buying this 3 time doesn't do an...
After February is over and I can get the ten consecutive KOG icon, I am seriously done with tryin...
Kagemucha.. es mucha pero solo uno.
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