24th Main Box: Aerial Assault

Whoever says this box is trash has no idea what they are talking about
Same guy
Raikiri blows up cards for free(similar to ice barrier), onimaru is effect destruction immune with 3000atk, chidori brings them back if they die, blackbird close negates monster effects and summons black winged dragon,
Same guy (again)
Delta crow is a better dark magic attack, and because of the black wing style, all of this is reasonably easy puzzle to pull off. It’s like doing a duel quiz. It’s actually really refreshing and fun.
Same guy(againagain)
This is what I run with (armed wing, black winged dragon, onimaru, raikiri, sohoya, and gram) [side note, I meant sohoya, not chidori above]
<< Anonymous(Same guy(againagain))
Balance doesn't work. You got to have at least 6 of each card type (Monster, Spell, Trap.)
<< Anonymous(TheBlackRose)
Same guy
Huh, I could’ve sworn they spell and traps used to be grouped together with this skill. Well, you’re right, maybe just blackwing rising then
Most of people who talk trash are never right tbh


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the link to the lv 40 farm page is broken
Queria recupera conta qui sumiu
This is almost an exact.copy of onomatoplay, why doesn't this get nerfed too?
Manly of you to not be scared of D/D/Ds as they scare me more than nerfedlights.
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