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Yami Aster
The DSOD Duelist Road thing makes no sense. What else is there to even do story wise since we already went through the movie events? If that quote is somehow implying they are going to give DSOD Yugi a skill to turn into the pharaoh like Yuma's ZEXAL skill, it makes no sense since the whole thing was supposed to be about how the pharaoh is gone now.
I'm just happy that there are new DSOD cards.
<< Anonymous
Useless card, thechance you can activated final geas is like 0,001%
would be funny if we finally get Sera's Transcend Game avatar as unlockable character
<< Anonymous
Seeing as I already have 3 Final Geas' I call 🔥 on your percentage calculation xD
<< Anonymous
Not KoG
That boovsy masked chick? Nice...


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^ That's not entirely true. There is a 37% chance that you start with Trade-In and a Level ...
They're zombies after all. You can't k!ll something that's already dead.
Don't hate the game, just hate yourself for being so naive and so short minded, what were yo...
Or make it level 12 first with Yubel+level augmentation
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