How to beat/farm Zane Lvl40 (Roaming Event)

unhappy girl no skill farm works with zane.. you just need to run 1 traphole to counter his Lightray Daedalus because its the only threat on your farm.
I mean floodgate not traphole
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Unhappy girl works fine indeed. 8,8k for me!
I have added a de-fusion to send his monsters with crazy attack back to their warm little nest + another floodgate trap hole just to be safe. :)
<< Anonymous(Platyplus)
used spirit barrier work like holy guard but better im using ra unhappy girl farm 9k everytime
Unhappy girl does not work as he has Magnet Force.
i tried this deck and zane 🔥 himself with power bond at last turn lol
<< Anonymous
he uses master of oz for the power boost


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I got salty after losing because I played this card.
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