How to beat/farm Mai Valentine Lvl 40

Elements Unite! is an easy way to farm lvl 40. Kill combo: 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 1x Secret Pass to the Treasures 2x Union Attack 1x +ATK magic card for Gate Guardian (e.g. Mage Power, Back-up Rider, etc.) Drawing/thinning: 3x Wonder wand 2x Legion the Fiend Jester or Blue Dragon Summoner 1x DARK Normal Spellcaster (no tributes) 3x Jar of Greed Protection (from Amazon Archer): 3x Damage Polarizer 2x Aegis of Gaia 1x +LP card
Unless she summons Amazon archer and burns you for 800 lp
Alternatively you could replace two of the protection cards with a De-spell or two to get rid of her annoying spells.
Alternate for someone who only have 1 union
3 thunder dragon + 1 twin headed dragon (fusion)
2 jar of greed
3 wonder wand
2 jester/blue summoner
1 Gemini elf
1 vassal
1 union
2 damage polerizer
1 supremacy berry
2 mage power
1 poly
1 secret pass

<< Anonymous
Fusion summon twin and normal summon vassal in last turn
<< Anonymous
P.p.s don't attack any of her monster, so she can't summon her archer (unless she have it before her field is full)


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it's not for gems, it's to show asians that they are an inferior race that will pay for...
Permanent 1000, non-equip. Nice QoL card
With 3 materials for his ace monster, getting his mat monster mat is going to be a pain one the @...
I just want that generic mat
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