How to beat/farm Zane Lvl40 (Roaming Event)

Cheap Deck to Farm Zane. Make sure you have Blue Eye in Defense Mode with Spike Shield. Reveal the Spike Shield when he summons his monster, so he does not attack on it. If you have another Kaibaman or Kidmodo Dragon, you can add it in, since I dont have.
What's that first card? Mobile doesn't load full pics for some reason
<< Anonymous
Great maju Garzett
what do you use Garzett for?

<< Anonymous
I just have it in there to boost up the attack in case I only can summon one Blue Eye. I dont have three Kaibaman or Kidmodo. Keep in mind he can get over Blue Eye in defense mode wwith Spike shield if he summons Chimeratech Overdragon
<< Anonymous
Sometimes, he can summons Chimeratech Overdragon, if you have Garzett with Spike Shield in defense mode, he cannot get over it. He can get over Blue Eye in defense mode with spike shield equipped with Chimeratech Overdragon


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I'd say that this deck is balanced though, big atk/def but lacking trap protection, unlike t...
I got salty after losing because I played this card.
Can't attack if it use its effect, AND can destroy only 1 monster and nothing else, AND it t...
Not sure why you said Moonlight is useless vs XYZ. All of the XYZ Fusions are Level 5 or highe...
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