Chazz Princeton

Alexis Rhodes
I love you Chazz! =D <3
Chazz Princeton
I love you too! ^-^ <3
<< Anonymous(Chazz Princeton)
that's it, im maining chazz
<< Anonymous(Chazz Princeton)
Ojama Brothers
We love you too boss! <3<3<3
Jun manjoume
Tenjoin kun



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OP is butthurt because his WoDs aren't as effective now or because assailant banishing his m...
up to legendary its good. not for KOG. Waiting for Synchro Aliens ;)
What will happen if I lose my first ranked duel of the day. Will I get 300 points if I win the se...
I give it next year for when they do an Advent Calendar event.
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