Yuma and Astral

So I´ve done a little research, at it seems that the reason Yuma has a new English voice is because Eli James, who dubbed him in the anime, has traded in his voice actor career for a new one in politics, so he allegedly isn´t interested in recording any lines for any show or videogames ever again. It´s a shame. Guess we´ll have to get used to the new guy. Don´t get me wrong, he´s done a decent job at imitating an character he´s never been involved with, but I´ll miss the old one.
I've heard the new english voice, and honestly, for me, he's what Yuma should have gotten in the first place. The voice he used for Yuma is not as stupidly annoying to people's ears, compared to the voice Eli used.
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Honestly, I'm glad we didn't get Eli back.

Although, if Eli is back it would have been amusing to see 99% of the English-speaking playerbase switch to the Japanese voice.
So,you guys like the new VA better than Eli Jay? I actually like the latter better (I know, unpopular opinion), but it´s nice to see the former getting support.
The character sounds the same to me.
Who even watch dubbed anime?


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Seems like he's "stucked" in elementary school
Give me 5 and ill be checking anything U want babes all day and night ;)
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