King of Game decks [July 2020]

After reaching king of games this month I entered in the mythic land of witchcrafter. All the opponents using the same deck, what do you think guys is the best deck to counter it?
Blue-eyes rips witchcrafter apart. I have 12:1 winstreak vs witchcrafter with my blue-eyes. They can’t do anything against blue alternative. Just trigger the effect, they will negate, then start syncroing into your boss monsters. Also blue-eyes has nice traps sich as Karma cut.
<< Anonymous(Nepheltari)
Completely wrong. Buying Blue Eyes doesn't auto give you a Karma cut card for free.

You have to spend the money when the selection box comes out. So you are basically using money to counter a card that can be obtained for no money.

You're a genius brain.
I use dark magician and blackwing. Yes - Karma cut is really nice too vs witchcrafter and many other decks, I only have one though. Definitely Need to get more copies of it.
<< Anonymous
Solid dragon and Alternatives + vermilion also shut down verre most of time. Karma cut is one way but another trap, especially counter trap also work against witchcrafter.

I dont think you have ever play blue eyes, and then make that assumption by yourself.
idk about deck. But this card may help
Blackwing with Necrovalley
<< Anonymous
"I dont think you have ever play blue eyes, and then make that assumption by yourself." He just pointed it carma cut is not in the deck which is right so dunno what ur talking about then.He didnt say blue eyes is bad against it.
<< Anonymous
too situational plus if you are turn 2 most of time they brought the opener monster out so they started their combo already


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Maintaining the status quo I see, why don't you shut down the servers already instead?
This deck is only for new players who can get 3x navigation buying this 3 time doesn't do an...
After February is over and I can get the ten consecutive KOG icon, I am seriously done with tryin...
Kagemucha.. es mucha pero solo uno.
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