Mokuba Unlock Event (Bingo Mission)

I am pretty peeved that you have to do Ranked Duels in order to get him. Like how about NO, I don't want to deal with meta decks, especially with I can't get cards to help me stand up to them.
Winning 3 isn't even challenging. At Bronze, there's a lot of people that don't know what they're doing. (It's not super-rare to see Starter Decks with a few cards added.) Also, realistically, the number of people with Fur Hire decks, etc. that late in the season at that low a rank would be miniscule.
are you serious? If you play bronze you're most likely not going to see meta decks. There might be a few newbies with meta in there but it's mostly unga bunga
<< Anonymous
focktard why are you even replying to them, if a comment has no TIMESTAMP (Ex: 14 days ago, latest, etc) then it has been months or years since it was last commented.
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"There might be a few newbies with meta in there "
they're not really newbies. Experienced players who decide to make a new account (for the extra gems) so they can make a meta deck. They just lurk around in lower ranks to beat real newbs.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
I wonder if some people get a kick from beating noobs in bronze silver? I rarely play ranked and so often lurk around silver and gold, and just the other day I faced DD asailant deck with 3 drowning and 3 widespread in silver and just wtf. Found some ankis and UA there too.
<< Anonymous
Some people are just there for the win rewards., they could care less about KOG. (Me included)
<< Anonymous
Me too. I don't like PvP but am forced to farm 100 wins each season so I'm holding down my rank. But I'm in gold/ platinum though. Top tier decks in silver... That's just awful
<< Anonymous
Facing a top tier deck in Silver doesn't matter. Actually, if anything, it's a good thing, as it gives you experience against that deck without losing anything. (I don't think you can even drop points at that low a rank, and if you do, it's a tiny amount.) It's not like top tier decks stick around that rank for long either way, so it's a non-issue.



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It's a more balanced version of Solemn Judgement.
Not even the point... the spider can destroy zombie world in desperado decks lol
What's that rare spell card called
I’m scared that data miners only found ds Kalin and Carly, Rex is my favorite ds and I love...
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