Mokuba Unlock Event (Bingo Mission)

I am pretty peeved that you have to do Ranked Duels in order to get him. Like how about NO, I don't want to deal with meta decks, especially with I can't get cards to help me stand up to them.
Winning 3 isn't even challenging. At Bronze, there's a lot of people that don't know what they're doing. (It's not super-rare to see Starter Decks with a few cards added.) Also, realistically, the number of people with Fur Hire decks, etc. that late in the season at that low a rank would be miniscule.
are you serious? If you play bronze you're most likely not going to see meta decks. There might be a few newbies with meta in there but it's mostly unga bunga
<< Anonymous
focktard why are you even replying to them, if a comment has no TIMESTAMP (Ex: 14 days ago, latest, etc) then it has been months or years since it was last commented.
<< Anonymous
"There might be a few newbies with meta in there "
they're not really newbies. Experienced players who decide to make a new account (for the extra gems) so they can make a meta deck. They just lurk around in lower ranks to beat real newbs.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
I wonder if some people get a kick from beating noobs in bronze silver? I rarely play ranked and so often lurk around silver and gold, and just the other day I faced DD asailant deck with 3 drowning and 3 widespread in silver and just wtf. Found some ankis and UA there too.
<< Anonymous
Some people are just there for the win rewards., they could care less about KOG. (Me included)
<< Anonymous
Me too. I don't like PvP but am forced to farm 100 wins each season so I'm holding down my rank. But I'm in gold/ platinum though. Top tier decks in silver... That's just awful
<< Anonymous
Facing a top tier deck in Silver doesn't matter. Actually, if anything, it's a good thing, as it gives you experience against that deck without losing anything. (I don't think you can even drop points at that low a rank, and if you do, it's a tiny amount.) It's not like top tier decks stick around that rank for long either way, so it's a non-issue.



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