35th Main Box: Darkness Gimmick

So basically, the good cards are: - Starliege - Smashing Ground - Grand Mole - Dragluon - Blaze Fenix (for burn decks)
haha grand mole

it's just another "bUt iT wAs GoOd iN tCg" bait like many others we have had, don't fall for it
you're joking, right?
heh "good cards"
<< Anonymous
i don't think so, here the best cards in this box: the generic XYZ. the rest are useless.

-number 15 burn and destroy any card.
-number 22: has high att 4500. can negate any card.
-Inzektor Exa-Beetle : u can xyz digital bug with this card, or use its effect to destroy card without targeting.
I mean, looking at this list again I would say the XYZ monsters and Smashing Ground, the rest def not.
<< Anonymous

No. 15 only burn if the target is an Xyz.
no, the ONLY good card is exa beetle because it makes Rhino a generic rank 6 with non target removal.
Not KoG
Based from the tournament, none of the URs are popular. Inzektor Exa-beatle transforming to Rhinocebus is the most popular, causing Onomatopoeia decks to die.
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
"causing Onomatopoeia decks to die" loool like hel l onomats are dead dude
<< Anonymous
If Konami wanted Onomats dead, it would be a lot more harsher to the limits. It's just an Emergency ban to keep it from reaching tier 0.
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
@not KoG
and that's why you're not KoG

Onomats are actually the ones abusing Exa -> Rhinosebus lol


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