Hero Rising: Structure Deck

Can someone give a suggestion to make this deck good

I like to put 17 elemental heros on the deck (including one Blazeman, Woodsman, Ocean, Clayman, Heat and whatever you want), three fusion cards. Maybe change some cards for two H - Heat Heart.

And I put in special deck just a Trinity (but you can use other fusions too). Use the hability Fusion Time (I think that it is the original name, on my phone it is "Hora da Fusão").
It can give me gold on JxJ and is a very fast deck, I like to use it to fastly farm things. I reach 5100 points easily.
You could go for E-hero core (the one with 3 E-heroes fusion requirements) in this event
But well 1st anon suggestion is helpful
Green king
The deck is fine you just don't know how to use it
<< Anonymous(Green king)
The fact the third-best card in the deck (after Blazeman and Fusion Recovery) is a toss-up between A Hero Emerges and Elemental HERO Heat is all you really need to point out to prove this structure deck is pretty bad. If you get the deck, it's basically just going to be for Blazeman. Cards like Flash and Lady Heat are just plain garbage.


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Only with a pendulum summoned monster as material
For me the worse thing is nostalgia card (too late to be released) like Dreadmaster taking up a s...
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