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How do you win vs fur hire with this deck?
The same as you do vs most decks.
Flood the field.
Use anti monster effects and other backrow.
WOD is your friend. You want to try to bait your opponent into using wiz' effect on things that aren't as useful for you while depleting their hand so that you can use what you really need when it counts. Also, you don't always want to kill all of their monsters each time. If you WODed them, try to build up your team a little more for the kill instead of letting them get another donpa.
Take out treacherous trap hole.
Put Canadias or Floodgates.
3 chalices also works awesome.
Try to activate your onslaught before they summon wiz. Wiz negation effect will not send onslaught to grave if it is already face up. If they manage to summon wiz before you have your onslaught, bait wiz's negation before activating onslaught. You can also use chalice to negate wiz. Prioritize banishing wiz/donpa to make sure your onslaught is always alive.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
What's WOD?
<< Anonymous(Aardonyx)
Wall of Disruption (trap card).
chalice forbidden



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If not mistaken, that's a "miss timing" there. "When" this cards is s...
First midfielder = you can forget about it If you are f2p or softcore player, I suggest variet...
No, still works at 1000LP or less, it's such a broken ability with the cards that are out now.
Effect that applies to monsters on the field, disappear when that monster is removed from the field.
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