Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm

Uhm... any pros got a working decklist yet? Can this be done as F2P, ie one structure deck. I have cards from the galactic origins.
Laquari x2-3, Bestiary x1-2, Murmillo x1, Sagittarii x1, Retiari x1, Secutor x1, Test Tiger x1, War Chariot x1. Fill the rest of the 10ish cards with whatever traps/spells that will help your monsters survive a battle or Cosmic Cyclones. Keep in mind that Gladiator Beasts are too slow of a deck to be competitive, but it should at least be playable for fun duels.
You can also make GB deck that can turbo out Gyzarus.

3 Bestiary
3 Unexpected Dai
2 Andal

Just fill the rest with your best GB & defensive S/T. Forbidden Lance is preferred.

Use Dai, call out Andal. Normal summon Bestiari. Doesn't matter if enemy have Floodgate/Canadia face down, because you can still contact into Gyzarus using face-down GB.

Save your Lance for Gyzarus instead.
not KoG
use 1 Darius, 1 Sphere Kuriboh,
2 Unexpected Dai and 1 Sagitarii

Need Floodgate Trap Holes
<< Anonymous(not KoG)
Thanks for the input guys. Having just 1 Gyzarus is going to be an issue. But we could get a second on the next Dream UR, hopefully. Is 3 tigers necessary? Unexpected Dai Gyzarus turbo looks more promising than the tigers.
<< Anonymous

this is the best F2P version you need 2 dai and 3 impenetable attack or at last another atrap protect your monster well
why not dude?
<< Anonymous
Another way to turbo out Gyzarus.

Requires Keeper of Dragon Magic and Bestiari in hand.

Normal summon KODM, and use his effect, discard Bestiari, search for Fusion Tag.
Use KODM effect, reveal Gyzarus, then SS Bestiari from grave.

Use Fusion Tag on KODM changing his name into any GB monster in your extra deck.

Fuse KODM & Bestiari into Gyzarus.


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Use spell/trap removal or something like Karma Cut
Amazoness Ra works too. Just keep banishing his monsters and destroying his S/Ts with Amazoness ...
I feel the sane way when gnat happens to me. This duel was so intense I couldn’t see your m...
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