35th Main Box: Darkness Gimmick

Ok how do gimmick puppets start the combo? I see most of the monsters need to have 1 puppet in the gy to then do something How do we set up that first gimmick puppet in the gy?
Stil too early to answer, we have to wait until his levelup rewards are reveled.
Quatro has a skill called relinquished puppet.
I used Gimmick Puppet deck back then at Dueling Network era lol

The combo usually starts with Dreary Doll in grave. The sweet way to do it is with Trade-In.

So yea, Trade-In will broke this deck. Please release it Konami xD
You can use foolish burial.
<< Anonymous
Just use his skill to also summon a free des troy.
There is a card called puppet condolence or something like that that lets you send 3 puppets to get, it's not in the game.

The only consistent way is using the skill relinquished puppet.
I don't like quattro voicelines nor his design so I'll have to pass on building gimmick puppets I don't see how the deck can work without the skill
<< Anonymous
Condolence Puppet needs the opponent to control Extra Deck monsters to send more than 1, though


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best hand trap in the game so far
the swagger of a gold idol
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