Alexis Rhodes

Thats enough! Konami we want Cyber angel Natasha! She isnt that strong tho, her attack is only 1000
...We really don't, though.

The new Cyber Angel stuff from Sisters of the Rose is mostly pretty plausible, though.
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Yeah....except Cyber Angel Izana. You do NOT want Izana to be in DL. Incarnated Machine Angel looks like it's quite busted too in DL.

And funnily enough, I think we're more likely to get Vrash than Natasha.
<< Anonymous
Can we get Vanilla Cyber Dragon ffs? CA has more than enough support and it was nerfed to hell

meanwhile CyDra has 0 notable support
<< Anonymous
Because some of you guys forgot how 🔥ous CA used to be and are requesting more support for it.

if CA was in full power now, it'd be a tier 0 deck again easily. I say move on from this deck until DL is ready for it again.
<< Anonymous
Honestly, I think Izana at 1 would be fine. Her S/T removal effect is balanced and she's still vulnerable to effects that don't target (Wall of Disruption, Drowning Mirror Force, etc). The main issue is her ability to attack two opponent's monsters, I think...
Natasha is not bad
Natasha's one of the best Cyber Angels due to her OPT (Quick Effect) Ritual Monster protection from everything. Since DL only has 3 slots instead of 6, that makes it even stronger.

Not only that, but her and Benten are the easiest to bring out - and probably the two easiest rituals in the game to bring out (due to low levels, multiple dedicated ritual spells, and having support).

Natasha'd b OP


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