9th Mini Box: Resonance of Contrast

KONAMI 24days ago
Duelists, do you need to keep up with the new boxes we release every month? GET A JOB BUMS!
Anoymous 22days ago
What if we have a job?
<< Anonymous
KONAMI Employee 20days ago
if you have a job, get a better job. we want more of your money!
<< Anonymous(KONAMI Employee)
Anoymous 19days ago
But I don't need a better job as I already have one and haven't been spending money on this game, nor have a focused on it
<< Anonymous
Hooker 19days ago
I have the best paying job all of you are poor
<< Anonymous(Hooker)
Yami Alexis 19days ago
Seeker of the Forest 9days ago
They look interesting.



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Hi my ID is 853-937-857. send me the vagabond to level up please : ). I will challenge back !!!
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