Chazz Princeton

His Lv38 Level up reward is Ojama Knight... an R card... that you can get by dueling him... nice...
Many of the GX characters have useless level up rewards!
And also the drops from dueling them are less than the original yugioh characters! They dont even have signature N cards (need more blade skaters for Alexis).
Im pretty sure they forgot/glitched or they will add later but they better fix this soon :/
<< Anonymous
Yes.. useless rewards... only armed dragon lv10 a good card and ojamaking
<< Anonymous
Level 10 isn't even there for me
<< Anonymous
How are people saying Armed Dragon lv10 is there? It is SO not there for me. His LV 40 reward is Armed Dragon LV7, there's no LV10.
<< Anonymous(Zero)
No armed Dragon lvl 10 for me either, game A you guys gotta edit your page
I don't know how to get three copies of ojama delta hurricane. Help
<< Anonymous
Hurricane you just duel him for

Level 10 I believe is only available during his Serious Chazz event


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We will put Silent Magician in the semi limit card list soon. Thank you for your support.
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They're Aigami's ace, so I see them releasing one copy through unlocking Aigami, but no...
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