Structure Deck EX: Full Metal Desperado

Rokket No!
Pfft, Desperado ain't nothing to my Steal Yo Gurl Dragon
borrecarga yo mama
I like it how it isn't even in english lol
Borrelsword Dragon is better
<< Anonymous
Borreload Savage is much better.
<< Anonymous
My Soul
My surname is Savage so Savage Dragon is Soul or in subs I am used to my very soul. Jack Atlas reference.


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Was does my a s s hole f a ggot opponent always top deck this one of card?
And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
"spent multiple hours on this" Time spent on duel testing: 0 min.
Dragon rescue rabbit feat divine dragon ragnaroc and king dragon for the meme fun.
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