Post-Banlist Meta Analysis [2018 Oct]

Wtf dude
Do you guys read the comments(?), every freaking day it's the same: "konami is trying to sell this, komoney this, komoney that, oh yeah they are greedy b*stards, everything is expensive". DUDE SERIOUSLY THE AMOUNT OF DECEPTION IS EXCESSIVE, I didn't believe it at first, but now I truly think some greedy folks want to boycott just to get rid of a competitor. Thanks to last Espa roba's event I've farmed plenty of gems and event the most expensive of all decks cost you 3$, how do you say it's expensive? anyway, I guess it's just pointless to talk to malicious folks.
OMG NO! My deck which has been viable for 6 months is being phased out. THAT IS SO UNFAIR. I spent thousands of gems Konami. This game is blatantly P2W. I deserve a refund on my Structure Decks. I need apology Dream UR tickets to compensate me. It's not like the DLC I spend money on in other games I don't get more than a few months of gaming mileage from.
<< Anonymous
🔥 lad
You are a developer from Konami?
Just ignore that 🔥.
Oh boi... I love re4
"You are a developer from Konami?"

--That guy must be a Spaniard
Just saying.

Yes, I love RE4 as well. Descriptive enough.
3$? for what? C'mon, you need to forget about a lot of boxes and wait for a Tier 0 🔥 deck if you want to keep playing in the game and be competitive. Leveling most of chars is not enough, even if they are the greatest source of gems so far. If that is how I should play (and enjoy) this game, then I'm out of here. If you want to enjoy, then you have to pay, not few but tons of money.


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