Paradox Brothers

A lot of player will leave lmao
Agree. First this Joey ridiculous event and now these two insignificant bastards
Yeah, introducing new characters. Totally big reason to quit. NOBODY is going to quit over Para and Dox being characters. Why would they? There is no downside to them being in this game. (Oh no, you'll have to wait longer for x random character you want!11) It's not like they decided "Hey, Marik has too much hair, let's replace him with Para and Dox."
I mean, is it really a bad thing if some toxic cunt leave the game
<< Anonymous(Salt)
honestly you guys should be glad that they are adding content week after week at all
I like para and dox :(



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i dont know how to make picture bigger, but hopefully you can never posted here.
Made a deck around this card, really fun but pretty gimmicky. Works decently in lower tiers
Fl 30 boss has 2 Pyrorex, the guy summon it 2 times when I tried to complete the missions.
This good for giskhi deck
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