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"Cannot be Normal or Special Summoned" Stopped caring there
It can be set in face down defense mode..
<< Anonymous
Yeah, it's still decent as in Duel Links it can be devastating. Although it would have been better if we got it earlier because we are getting more and more card removal effects and the game it's not so much about battle anymore. Still good in low ranked matches.
<< Anonymous
You need two tributes to set this thing. No sane person would try to build a deck around this card.
Also, it's a Spirit monster whose effect requires very specific action that depends on the opponent.

....Yeah, this card should be R at best. Not UR.
<< Anonymous
Toasted Moss
Yeah, but it does have built in protection by instantly flipping itself up if it's targeted by a card or effect, so I could see it being an alternative option lava golem as a result. But other than that, it's kinda mediocre
<< Anonymous
"it's a Spirit monster whose effect requires very specific action that depends on the opponent."

You do realize that this card effect to banish all cards still trigger when it is flipped face up by other means right?

Even flip summon or opponents attacking this facedown card will trigger it's effect.
<< Anonymous
any deck that floods the field with special summoned monsters can easily accommodate this card.

there’s no sane person that wouldn’t at least try to build a deck with this.
<< Anonymous(@@@)
If you can easily special summon monsters you probably want to go for a better boss monster. Something that can OTK quickly and not something you have to set first and wait for a whole turn while trying to have as few as possible other cards on your side of the field. (and you're not immune to non-targeting effects)
<< Anonymous
Mr. Armstrong
Comrade you need two cards this card and stray lambs


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Yuya has a skill that adds one Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon to your deck.
Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able ...
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
and yuma and all zexal and arc v charachers
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