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Lol, why is everypony triggered by synchros? You can rarely summon 2 monsters in 1 turn.
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Yugioh Fanboys are triggered because they don't want Yugioh being outcasted by Synchros/XYZs or even GX Fusion monsters to enter here. Let me remind them that Gravekeepers didn't first appear at Yugioh era (even Ishizu doesn't use it at anime).
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I don't have any problems with gx era monsters or even 5ds zexal era and later decks though tend to make duels against older decks one sided to the point of being unfair due to all the advantages they have
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Yu-Gi-Oh was good until the gx first era, thoose who like tag force evolution will agree.
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I'm guessing weegeeking never played or watched or classic yugioh he's probably one of those idiots that think classic yugioh is all about lvl4 beat down and goat control
"You van rarely summon 2 monsters in 1 turn." Hahahtahsjsjdhdhs gtfo and the effects of the monsters are for example "This card is immune against enemy effects (magic trap monster" I can tell you that synchro as well as xyz are 🔥 and just 🔥ed kids wanna have them in duel links
cause it breaks the game. simple
Monsters made to Synchro summon are able to multiple summon mosters.

Junk Synchron is so simple and yet so many options to summon.
1. I'm not a pony, thank you

2. I don't know when did you post that, but nowadays it's very easy to summon 2 monsters in 1 turn.
Uh, there are exactly zero Synchro Monsters that are straight unaffected by card effects. The closest is Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon, but that requires a Synchro Tuner and non-Tuner Synchro(s) as material. Metaphys Horus is only unaffected for the turn, and only then if you used a Normal Monster as Material for it. And Star Eater's only unaffected while attacking. Check your facts.
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Oh, and better yet: There are FOUR Fusions that ARE unaffected by card effects. And I'd argue Ancient Gear Howitzer would be a bigger deal to Duel Links than any of the three Synchros I mentioned.


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I'm surprised Past Image isn't included in here...
that's not "done dirty", they had to change Yuma's english VA due to a condit...
The best part is that this card is F2P
I got to KoG without using cosmic cyclone, this deck is really what new players should aim for
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