How to beat/farm Yubel Lvl 40

Hello. Simple deck: It will give you 10.500 - 11.500 (+1000 bonus) Duel Assessment Score. --- Deck: Last Turn: Score: Points:
Thank you. Very nice deck. I got 10000 Score.
Taki, pls put the cardlist as comment, thx
<< Anonymous(4n0nym0s)
What is the strategy?
For testing this deck, I must admit that it is played only luck.
Deck to forget if you are a big unlucky like me.
<< Anonymous
all his decks was good
Nice deck! But I changed it. I got 8300 without +1000 bonus, so 9300 is not bad without prism./glos. cads. My deck is more simpler.
1. Deck:
2. Last turn:
3. Last turn:
And 4. Score:
<< Anonymous(---)
Easiest deck to achieve 8k+ assessment points. Thank you for this. I’ve tried a few decks to farm Yubel Lvl 40 and this was by far the most consistent. Taki's deck needs 5-6 cards, but it can give you higher score. I tried Exodia deck ;D I got only 5500+ ;D
<< Anonymous(Kaoru)
How many points winning with Exodia gets you? 3000 Assessment Point? So, you can only get ~4000 - ~5000 score? (+3000 Assessment Points as a Special Victory, + all other assessment points you got) This deck is definitely not farming deck, but just for fun is nice to try. Thanks for idea! xD But I prefer to choose Taki's deck
31100 ATK?... WTF damn
<< Anonymous
He's still much better than those who only put up a Youtube link.
<< Anonymous(another one)
Player, who shared his deck because wanted to help other players, is "dumb" and "famewh0re"? Wow! Thats the spirit!! I have never seen nonsense like this on any forum in my life, and I am 21 yrs old. admins should ban those angry and rude kids and block their IP addresses. I dont see any relevant, constructive and polite posts, just crying kids without any reasons.
Thanks for sharing your deck and strategy. I think it will help other players understand how to farm Yubel (character) In this event
Is it working against Yubel Level 60? Is it safe to use this deck?? Thanks


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I never saw a BE deck win against a Lunalight yet. And that deck is so common. So not that much v...
nope quick effect also work in damage step effect activation, so if your opponent active koga eff...
Best brick is "Brick with Eyes of Blue". Fear my Brick.
They don't want Sphere because they don't want to change your monster into defense posi...
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