Amazoness: deck recipe [Jul 04 updated!]

Anonymous 10days ago
amazoness loli should be limit to 1. This deck so broken remove from play everything wtf onslaught should be forbidden for balance game
Anoymous 10days ago
this deck is like an improved SSA , but the weakness is the same (destroy trap)
<< Anonymous
Xenon 10days ago
SSA has a destroying protection. Is not semi-limited and can retrieve a destroyed part(umi) if played. And its destruction effect work before any battle(for lvl 5+) damage.
So I would say Amazoness is a worse SSA(but with better end effect).
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Valencia 9days ago
This is what I mean! I've beaten other amazoness a lot, but with SSA I almost always lose and keep ending having no way to get rid of it and it just keeps killing absolutely everything. For me, SSA is so much worse...
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anoymous 9days ago
With the skills nerf and quick otk meta,

You deserved to win if you managed the complete SSA combo.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago
Only won once with the sage a long time ago. I haven't dueled it a lot because it doesn't show up a lot anymore. But I swear, everytime, I get s*** no matter ehat deck I use, and Mako gets everything he needs and ends up yelling at me during the duels.
<< Anonymous(MASTER MARIK)
Valencia 9days ago
Sounds cool. But I'm not sure if you are on the list. There is a Yami Marik who never sends the challeges back, but I don't mind because that is just so hilariously in character. Xd
<< Anonymous(MASTER MARIK)
Anoymous 9days ago
trash joke
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
MASTER MARIK 9days ago
That is ME!!! ahhh!! how CAn You not recieve any?!! I give you MAny Times!!! You MUST HAVE ForgOt!!! I SHalL GO Online Now AND PuniSH ODion for nOT ObeyinG mY ORDERS!
<< Anonymous(MASTER MARIK)
Valencia 9days ago
Sorry, dude. That guy isn't you. I would definitely remember if Yami Marik actually sent one. He is just enjoying my challenges. Xd
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Xenon 9days ago
Cyclone help against SSA - same for Onslaught.
Destruction work not(or only in a chain/missing piece of the combo) against Onslaught it never fail.
Just because SSA need a lot more resources in first turn(s) and need (big parts) from a Mainbox make it somewhat scare and later the SB area denied them being meta.
<< Anonymous(MASTER MARIK)
Valencia 8days ago
And now today, Yami Marik has sent the Vagabond my way. Either it really was you and you are him, or he saw this and decided to do it. (I will send one back). Either way, the Vagabond is really getting on my nerves right now with his stupid "Excellent dueling." nearly all the time.



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