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So I guess this means we're definitely not getting Noah Kaiba, with Shinato and Chiron (both cards he used) as pack cards. Shame, with the virtual world theme he could have been a really interesting event Duelist...
Come to think about it, this is Kaiba's game so I figured he probably wouldn't have added him in...
Fourtwenty69 I will kick ur ass
There's nothing stopping them using Noah for an event if they want. There's still plenty of thematically relevant things to choose from (including a fair amount of Spirit stuff, though we do have a lot already). I don't see why getting Shinato and Chiron is even all that concerning considering we got like half his stuff in Valkyrie's Rage already.
Dude Paradox bros signature card was there since the beginning of the game.Yet they came just recently.And out of nowhere.Nothing is stopping any duelist from coming at this point
<< Anonymous
VERY well said!!!!!
Would be disappointing if they don't bring him. They gave us Mokuba and Super Joey, why would you miss out a character like Noah? He could hacked himself into duel links and there you have your storyline to bring him..
He is coming, Konami is taking their time designing graphics and phrases for him, anonymous brought up a good point about the P. Bros. Noah may use cards that are in packs. I am Jace, thank you for your time.
Its very sad and i cant understand it. We have so many characters that only appears one or two times in the whole series. The Paradox brothers, Arcana or the zombie duelist. But we dont get Noah as a playable character who lives in a digital world and has his own whole season in the series?
Thats realy a shame.
<< Anonymous
Wasn't Noah's goal to escape the digital world? And Duel Links is a digital world.
<< Anonymous
Dolphin from GX
I think you're confused between Digimon and Yugioh.



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