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sad, there's no amazoness trainee released yet... but vagrant somehow summoned it
but there is? its a Mai lv 38 reward,i mean only get 1 one of them but it is released.
But if you use trainee with onslaught, then does she still get a power boost when attacking a monster since they will be banished instead of just destroyed?
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Unfortunately no. She has to destroy them by battle. She doesn’t even work with Amazon’s heirloom
<< Anonymous(Desilet)
That is what I thought. I took her out of my deck awhile back because I thought I saw her do nothing (and it doesn't look like anyone else uses her, either). I didn't know about heirloom, though. I'm guessing she doesn't work with that because it destroys by an effect. In a way, it is kind of a shame. She could have been good.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
you can use it with A'willpower or WOD .. xD
<< Anonymous
I already use WOD. As for fighting spirit, we'll see. It sounds good to try if Jinzo starts popping up everywhere.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Correction: I meant to say willpower. I already use 2 of those. But with onslaught semi limited, maybe it is time to try out fighting spirit?



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with just 1 onslaught and 2 princess amazoness is still going to be top tier
he's been chazzed!
Are we getting Yami Joey?
Probabily. I went 20 turns against that deck and almost won but for whatever reason my heavy knig...
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