24th Main Box: Aerial Assault

Really nice box. I'm so into spending gems on it. Only bad thing, too many reprinted cards + 🔥ty normal monsters. Why the hell do they bring such trash normal monster cards in the game anyway?
There's no useless card in this world
Mini-box + 80 packs of reprinted cards and garbage vanillas = this box
Getting the same amount of money by less resources. Komoney is excellent at doing their business
Agree, too much useless vanilla.

Why did they stop putting in 2000 ATK level 4 vanillas? They would have been more useful, and we do have a few not in the game yet.
<< Anonymous
Because they already released the whole level 4 vanilla with 2000 Atk lmao
<< Anonymous
There are 2 more, actually.

But 1 is not released in TCG yet for whatever reason, and the another 1 is a Cyberse, a Type that's not in DL yet.


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the link to the lv 40 farm page is broken
Queria recupera conta qui sumiu
This is almost an exact.copy of onomatoplay, why doesn't this get nerfed too?
Manly of you to not be scared of D/D/Ds as they scare me more than nerfedlights.
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