33rd Mini Box: Sign of Harpies

Did the new ninja cards helped the deck at least a little bit?
no, it didn't. The same problem with ninja: brick hard, always lvl8 and 6 in my hand and it relay so much on traps. one cc and gg.
<< Anonymous
you still okay bruh. what about me? 25 card deck and only 1 jar of avarice in it but 9/10 of my duels jar of avarice always appear in starting hand unbelieveable
<< Anonymous
so a backrow ft. [Insert archetype] deck like many others? What a shame
<< Anonymous
Flashimg staple into deck isnt counted as backrow deck, Noobs keep using the word wrong. Ninja were one of the oldest backrow deck in the game thanks to their transformationl
<< Anonymous
Ok backrow deck user
<< Anonymous
"Flashimg staple into deck isnt counted as backrow deck"

Backrow is your main deck. Monsters are fillers. As well said insert archtype:
Shiranui, amazoness, gouki, tellarknights etc etc.
Without the 10-12 staples traps these deck are just meh.
Steo Kiaba
That rank 4 UR doesn't help Ninja deck, but it can be used as a generic XYZ for OTK.
Rank 5 only serves as a filler in this box.


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when varis comes, we will have a good generic link 3 at last
Why can they activate the trap in the same turn?
Not like they had plans for it to be meta to begin with
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