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Why hasn't Yu-Gi-Oh 25th Anniversary Campaign started yet? We already have November! 🔥 Konami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yugioh has like 10 different days where to celebrate the anniversary

I'm not kidding they celebrate the creation, the first publishing, the first publishing that actually succeeded, the anniversary of the anime, the day the card game first debuted in the manga, etc
<< Anonymous
You say that like its a bad thing. That's more rewards & gifts...
Wow, it seems like you don't know how to wait
<< Anonymous
^^ you wish anon, from all the dates mentioned above they just pick 1
<< Anonymous
It's not "more rewards", it's like splitting the whole into smaller bits, you're psychologically manipulated to feel better that more is given based on perceived quantity, when in reality it's drip-fed to the max.
<< Anonymous
Not KoG
Before there are less rewards but lots of 50 GEM and 100 GEMS.

Now there are :more: rewards of 5 GEMS and 40 GEMS. They literally cut the payout by half and distributed it so you play hard.


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Maintaining the status quo I see, why don't you shut down the servers already instead?
This deck is only for new players who can get 3x navigation buying this 3 time doesn't do an...
After February is over and I can get the ten consecutive KOG icon, I am seriously done with tryin...
Kagemucha.. es mucha pero solo uno.
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