30th Mini Box: Voltage of the Metal

What is the best deck that can synchro and Xyz rank 4 with high atk tuner?
Nobody say ant of them because they are not click bait video material but:

The thunder family can do both lvl 8 syncros (scrap dragon, stardust spark, thought ruler, parsath, etc) and any rank 4 xyz you want.

How? 3x vylon prism, 3x mahunder, 3x pahunder and 2x brohunder. You can also add recycling batteries and thunder sea horse
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I see, i'm just looking for another way to increase Blackcorn ship attak and 1 of my ideas is using battle tuned, I also posted the Megalith Phaleg lol.
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You can make it work with some adjustments: add Batteryman Solar,

normal summon mahunder/mahunder->use the effect to normal summon Batteryman Solar->send Vylon Prism to gy->rank into corn ship-> battle tuned to get a 1500 atk buff.
<< Anonymous
Good, that might work. Now e just need more Good Xyz monsters lol.
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Now that I think of it, coral dragon is actually a tuner.
This is the kind of discussion I want to see here not *hit like that *edo thread of tori meadows


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It also allows Dark Contract with the Witch to be a continuous Raigeki Break.
"get a life kiddo" said fr who created the comment with the sole purpose of trolling
Jack is worst
it isn't good then if you have to "heavily" rely on something like that, flexibili...
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