D.D. Castle: Assault Event

D.D. Castle is always my favorite event, but this Neo-Daedalus Challenge is eating me up. Almost twice the key cost and that send field AND hand to the GY is devastating. The AI both has Umi and Legendary ocean spell cards in deck. I don't know what to do.
i failed this one 4 times with full security 2x draw, extra Lp, extra card and i try again finally i beat it. i swear i wont touch this insane daedalus floor ever again
After dueling for the 4th time, I finally beat it with my fire king deck.. it's a bit luck but I tried my best lol.
u've got thick skull or you don't know you can use divine wrath? you can even have shi en on field and negate umi or send everything on your opponent's field back to their hand

it's very easy if you know waht you're doing, take time to read card descriptions mah boi
<< Anonymous
*it's very easy if you buy mainboxes often, take time to purchase cards that you may not even use later on mah boi
<< Anonymous
i got money my six sam balance deck is for auto-duels and divine wrath will have long life span in meta as long as there are 🔥ous effect monsters, thanks for replying and making yourself look like an id iot, mah boi


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Girag 1
Is he the guy with the hands?
give flip turner
banish it
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