Blackwing Synchro: deck recipe [Aug 20]

blackwing decks are awful 100% loss rate if you go first!.. a deck that requires you to go 2nd to be effective should NOT be in the conversation for KOG
First round summon Fairy Dragon and set Necrovalley, with this you'll stop many decks like cryston, lightstorm who use graveyard, or synchro a blackwing and have birdclose on your hand
Yeah, you should play it with the new build. A lot more consistent going first, Ihave been going Ws in KCGT and got KoG. Play defensive when going first, and utilize your Necrovalley so you can cuck half the meta. Use your Ancient Pixie Dragon’s draw effect to top deck your negate cards as well.
to be fair they are weak against six sams by quite a distance
<< Anonymous
Actually not really, i think i won evrey six sam match,but 2 that i remember, out of at least 10 matches.
Simoon's black whirlwind effect cannot negated by shien and thats the big problem for them.


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this card is gonna get nerfed
Ok, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I was trying to transfer my data t...
But he knows flash. This means you can use him as an HM slave.
Pendulum version is trash. Just play swarm combo with Slime-Pendragon-Nighhowl-extra deck monster...
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