Structure Deck EX: Dragunity Overdrive

It's Good
THEY GAVE YOU A KING OF GAMES DECK for 3$ That's how I see it. Is it expensive? No. It's a deck for lazy people.
for lazy people, definitely.
But king of games have no monetary value, so it's 3 dollars nothing.
<< Anonymous
No. You get 200 free gems thanks to KoG, 100 thanks to Legend.

300 extra gems during endless seasons, real players know it's a decent deal.
<< Anonymous
You can buy cards with money, but you can't buy money with Gems. So at the end of the day, you don't get your money back. Unless you can make it to Worlds.
Structure decks are good for people who want to be able to build a good deck quickly. Also new players can join and start using structure decks to get the hang of the game
I climbed with this deck as well.
cool deck man


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Yeah?! Couldn’t they simply make it like Right Side Up where it benefits his deck and his d...
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Idk as far as minecraft rivals go i think he is pretty good. Maybe just behind creeper
Necro and lamia in a different selection box each -Konami, probably
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