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combo with dark necrofear?
I've tried comboing it with necrofear and skull lair but still not that good. Necrofear banishes 3 monsters so it'll only have 900 points based on that, and there's only so many monsters you can send to your graveyard and banish overall, unless you plan to have more than 20 cards in your deck.
<< Anonymous
Duh. Necrofear and doomsday horror are incompatible because they both require banished monsters for their effect to work which means they interfere with each other's effect. Dumbass.
Player J
I think having 1 Doom horror in a Dark Necro-fear deck is a requirement!

Once you banish a bunch of stuff with Necrofear + Skull Lair.

Your graveyard will get empty.
You need a way to refill your grave again.
Doom Horror's dying effect is the way you do it!

As a bonus, Doom Horror can sometimes have high stats if you top deck him middle to late game.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The mistake I see people make is they run 3x Doom Horror in a Necro-fear deck.

Doom Horror is never a monster you want to start with in your opening hand.

Doom horror only works when you have stuff banished.

You want to run only 1 or 2 copies.

The reason why is because it decrease your chances of getting him in the beginning.

He is very good for giving you more graveyard fuel!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Doom Horror = Graveyard Fuel/Refills it!
Doom Horror = Powerful top deck at middle to late stage duels.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Do you know why they call him Doom Horror?

Sometimes you will have a heated match!
You will SS Necrofear + use Skull Lair.
Both sides fighting it out.

Intense struggle!
Than all of a sudden, It is your draw!
You top deck the bringer of DOOM!

You NS it.
It stats 2400+
The look on your opponents face when they see it? HORROR!

This is why he is called DOOM HORROR


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