34th Mini Box: The King of Vermillion

Tuning can make stardust dragons ultra consistent (see degenerate dm post banlist). However, the deck is just a new dragonunity - heavily otk based that dies if goes first or if a moster gets book of moon/canadia etc. Not sure if it is gonna make any difference. Archfiends are just a meme deck. A good support card for a bunch of bad cards is considered bad. Blackwing armor master is totally unecessary for bw. Meklord will result to a new desperado revive, but dont think will have any serious impact. Maybe it can reduce the power of harpies and bewd with the synchro sucking and spell negation. Morphtronics came with 2 whole years late and are all crappy. Imo, for new players is a hard skip since it doesnt offer any ready to use archtype or any worthy staple. You will need to dig many older boxes to make use of these new cards (except meklords?). However, if you are a huge 5ds fan, well thats your chance.
the problem with this box is:
1-there is so many extra monster cards (6/12) and u need only one copy of them,
2-it has the worst trap ever 🔥 as SR,
3-tuning and resonator call are spell that search monsters from other old box, so yeah, good job komoney!!!
<< Anonymous
I've seen Jack decks with 3 Resonator's Call cards, so I certainly need 3 of them.
<< Anonymous
Actually 2 more since I got 1 copy so far.
Jack deck look like it would be tier now. How high the tier is depend but definitely a good deck. Better than shooting star.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, it definitely more splashable than you could even imagine
<< Anonymous
Thanks to the skill, the jack deck has become a tier deck.


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