Syrus Truesdale Event

They should put Limiter Removal as one of the prizes.That is Syrus's signature spell card.
He has never activated Limiter Removal. He had it in his hand once, against Jaden. That's it. If I had to name a "signature spell" of his, it'd be Vehicroid Connection Zone, there's really no other choice.
No they shouldn't. If so Ancient Gear deck might be tier 0.
Zane, Crowler, even Chazz actually used the card.

Heck even Ruka/Luna from 5Ds used Limiter Removal once when she used her brother's deck.

Syrus on the other hand, only has it in his hand once, and never use it.

It's clearly not his signature Spell card.
I think you mistook Limiter Removal with Power Bond, another ATK-doubling Spell card for Machines that Syrus was afraid to use at first.
<< Anonymous
Right. It Power Bond. I've got it mixed up.
and Power Bond ... I remember him holding Power bond in his hand in Anime



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how do you get that card?
Hey, Guys! Synchro are coming. Who have a deck tech about X-Saber? P.S. XX-Saber is the sub-arch...
Oh, der. Thanks! My bad!
Awesome box.. but debating with myself on whether to save for the next minibox. Currently only ha...
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