Reroll Tier List [6/05 updated!]

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Whoever that made this list isn't professional enough, half the cards are outdated and should be replaced with other (more useful) cards. You can contact me for advice if need be.
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lmao stfu kid
I'll contact your mom so she can do the beating.
hahaha faggot he fucked ur mom
I sell weapon + 7 for $300
skype or discord or smth ?


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No need. You can easily run over one of his monsters and get over 10K.
Arise! Mega Ultra Chicken!
Do you relaly used Hack? Can u give me the link or someshit? I mean, I was lv 60, everyone lv 35...
I think real life Yu-Gi-Oh Zombie decks didn't use this guy but in this game he is extremely...
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