Reroll Tier List [6/05 updated!]

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Whoever that made this list isn't professional enough, half the cards are outdated and should be replaced with other (more useful) cards. You can contact me for advice if need be.
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lmao stfu kid
I'll contact your mom so she can do the beating.
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I sell weapon + 7 for $300
skype or discord or smth ?



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Not everything has to be new player friendly. With an autodueldeck you can get to the top of t...
Amazones princess is bugged at times atm? In the d.d tower i wanted to send a card from my hand ...
Superb Tea is returning next month, I really hope she brings Sanctum with her this time.
Lightpulsar, still the only card to this day that gets an errata BEFORE the card is released xD
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