Structure Deck EX: Full Metal Desperado

Awesome release
This deck will be as awesome as Ancient Gears or Neos Fusion. Do you guys remember when 🔥s said Neos wouldn't be good? Same thing will happen about this deck, people are already testing it and uploading content. You should see it for yourselves. It's simply awesome.
I've watched playmaker's channel and it's awesome. This deck is simply SCHOOLING everyone.
it claps cheeks
Master of Destiny seems to be the best way to play it
this deck is to good for a premium
<< Anonymous
thats a bad thing


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A detailed breakdown of all the (interesting and some unreleased) cards this skill currently (10/...
He and Yuzu were done justice in Arc-V's release. But the one I'm really afraid of is R...
Idk as far as minecraft rivals go i think he is pretty good. Maybe just behind creeper
Necro and lamia in a different selection box each -Konami, probably
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