Structure Deck EX: Full Metal Desperado

It topped the last meta weekly. No surprise why people are climbing with it 10-0 or even 15 - 0 It's top tier.
Nope. Konami would release more broken card in the next EX Structure Deck so they don't have to nerf old EX Structure Deck card. Only for F2P card Konami would do a straight nerf
They limited swordswoman because it was an advantage for whales with 3 canadia / floodgate. What a 🔥 that guy is.
They limited Swordswoman because of Lava Golem. Konami would prefer see Lava Golem in Neos Fusion deck than in Amazoness deck. Konami want people to move on from old cards, why? Because people won't spend money if old F2P cards are still viable
<< Anonymous
Un-ruffle your tail feathers and wait for them to nerf Master of Destiny. It's the only thing making Desperado meta-viable anyway.
Nope. LP Boost alpha is also a popular skill for Desperado deck. Sealed Tomb is also viable especially if you combine it with Neos Fusion
"Top tier" ...right. Give it some time and people will understand how to counter this "top tier" meta deck just like every other deck.
<< Anonymous(K)
give it two weeks
Know Your Facts
There's a reason why Silent Magician TOPPED THE WCS after more than 1 year.
<< Anonymous(Know Your Facts)
Because negating effects are op, kinda the context as Shi En
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Idk as far as minecraft rivals go i think he is pretty good. Maybe just behind creeper
Necro and lamia in a different selection box each -Konami, probably
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